Ekas RapidWeb.NET

Ekas RapidWeb.NET is an extensive and powerful framework to help ASP.NET/Ajax developers create back-end content and database administration solutions for rich and complex database-driven web sites. Bunch of stuff to simplify front-end development is also included.

Using all the best on the joint of ASP.NET and Ajax technologies, we have created this comprehensive and powerful framework to provide developers with vast set of components and classes to make back-end web site development as effective as possible.

Whole framework consists of extensive hierarchy of base classes (including web pages, visual and non-visual classes and components) intended to cover all common tasks for online content, data, and database management, including (but not limiting by) user/role/policy handling, content publishing, visual as well as query-driven database administration, data visualization, and many other tasks implied by the term "Website back end solution development", and very simple ways to extend basic functionality with minimal efforts and development time.

Not limited by the back-end needs and approaches, RapidWeb.NET framework also contains rich stuff for quick and simple development for front-end data and content representation part of a web project.

A lot of routines, functions, and helper classes are also included to help developer focus on high-level development process, avoiding routine work of low-level functionality implementation.

Very hard and extensive job has been also done to make it as easy as possible to integrate RapidWeb.NET based solutions with other frameworks as well as with existing legacy code, to make it smooth and easy to migrate.

We are currently working very hard on sharpening and improving the RapidWeb.NET framework, and creating full set of required documentation for the product.

Beta release of Ekas RapidWeb.NET has been scheduled for this August, with final releases planned in Q4. Stay in touch with us to be first to know when it is available to download and try. Feel free to use our contact form to ask any questions and be informed about further news.